How to Use Decorative Aggregates in Your Garden


A totally natural way to transform a garden, using decorative aggregates can create scenes reminiscent of rocky beaches, mountain walks or calming streams. Relax and unwind in your garden with our tips on what you can do with pebbles, stones and slates in terms of decoration.

Many plants are more than happy to grow in cobbles and pebbles. The stones are brilliant for conserving moisture and reducing the competition from weeds as they find it difficult to germinate through the stones; allowing the plants to reach their full potential.

A mini rock garden could also be created with different types of stones allowing for succulents to thrive- a mini oasis for your plants! Stones can also be used as mulch, which not only retains water, but improves the fertility and health of the soil, meaning plants can thrive season after season.

If you are looking to make a feature of your planting, raised beds could be a wonderful option as a focal point, and large pebbles could be used in the construction of it, with slates used as a surround- the look is very Mediterranean, you could even go so far as planting vibrant lavender, or even fruiting trees.

Ponds and Features
A water feature can create a serene, relaxing area of your garden to be enjoyed by you and the local wildlife. When creating a pond, Scottish pebbles, cobbles and plum slate are the most suitable. These can be used to help cover the bottom of the pond, as well as disguising any lining around the pond.

For a more contemporary look, slate can prove to be a sleek and modern focal point when stood on end, or grouped together alongside lighter stones.

Pathways and driveways
Paths in your garden can often be a beautiful addition to the garden, leading the visitor and guiding their eyes to focal points in your outdoor area. Meandering paths can also make your garden look bigger and gravel leaves space for plants to spill over the edges for a more established and lush feel.

Having a gravelled driveway is often an unfussy and more reasonable option to have; with the added characteristics of being low maintenance- the likelihood of weeds will be less than a paved driveway. You will also be able to hear anything or anyone approaching your property.

If you have existing features, decorative aggregates can go a long way to enhancing them. Small pebbles and gravel can be placed around decking or in between paving with the added features of covering otherwise barren areas and stopping the growth of unwanted plants. If paving and decking really isn’t your thing, covering an area in stones creates an inexpensive area for relaxing and hosting in the warmer months.

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